A little TW reading

My university, Oxford Brookes, organised a small showcase for the graduates of their Creative Writing MA who finished their study last year so they could read a very small piece of the beginning of their current creative work – which in my case was the beginning of (the first draft of) TW. I won’t lie, I was very nervous, and the fact I had to read first didn’t help in that regard. But I think everything went well, all things considered 🙂 It was probably the first time I did a ‘public speaking’ exercise in which I didn’t end up out of breath because I was rattling off my text like my life depended on it 😀 So I’ll count it as a good exercise for any future readings.

Those first words of TW’s first draft have also been sent to a few UK literary agents in a very nice anthology brochure – though I don’t expect anything to come from that.

2019-05-04 17.34.44

Some of my former classmates have been contacted by an agent thanks to the brochure, but the agent pool for the fantasy genre is relatively small, so if my match isn’t among them that’s fine by me. (More than fine, to be honest. I’d prefer having my best version of TW available before I start showing it around).

That’s all the news for now. Better get back to writing ASAP 😉

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