NaNoWriMo 2019 attempt

Those who follow my social media will know that, just like November 2018, I attempted NaNoWriMo this year. It was my intention to write the 50,000 words of the National Novel Writing Month as part of the first draft of F&W: WoaF – as in book 2 of the F&W series. (If you’re wondering why I’m writing book 2 when book 1 is not even ready for a literary agent, it’s because I’m rubbish at outlining so I’m writing the whole trilogy first so I actually know the full story myself 😛 ).

I had a bit of a shaky start the first few days, which meant I was behind the “official” schedule, but I wasn’t that far behind for about a good ten days, and I thought, yes, it’s going to be as hard as last year (even though I’d naively thought it wouldn’t be) but I’ll somehow manage to get to the 50k at the last minute 🙂

And then… my word-count flatlined 😐 To be fair, I have a very good excuse. A family emergency forced me to fly to France and spend a lot of time visiting hospitals. I wish I could say I’m the sort of show-must-go-on kind of girl, capable of writing in any circumstance no matter what life throws at you, but I’m really, really not :/

I’m sure you don’t care I only got to 15k this November, I’m sure you’d say it’s perfectly understandable given the circumstances. And I know that, but I just don’t feel like it’s okay. So this is just as much a post to put this NaNo attempt in the records, as it is to remind myself that NaNo is just a personal challenge that I can attempt whenever I want – doesn’t have to be when other people do it – and even though losing a month’s worth of writing-time is a setback on my personal schedule, it’s not like I won’t get there in the end. Getting the first draft of this trilogy written is what’s important, not the timeframe in which I do it. (I’m writing this post more for me than you at this point, apologies 😮 ).

Anyway, as is traditional for me, here is the word-count chart of my NaNoWriMo 2019. No winner’s certificate for me this time ^^’

nano19 chart

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