Flash Fiction Friday posted my piece Endgame

It’s been a while since I wrote anything short, but I suddenly felt inspired and wrote a few different pieces. I sent one of them, a 100-word piece, to the Flash Fiction Friday website, which among other things posts short flash fiction, and my story Endgame was put on their website.

Read my story here

It’s a nice feeling, to see something you wrote being out there for all to see – even though the moment you know it’s out there for all to see and you can’t rewrite anything, you doubt every word of it… That’s a bit vexing ^^’ But still, it’s great to get “published” online. It’s not a competition, so maybe they just post everything people send, I don’t know. But my piece is out there, so I won’t complain 😀 In these times of self-isolation, I’ll hopefully get to write some more short pieces and scatter them to the wind. Who knows, maybe another one will be caught in the Web’s web 🙂

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