“His Plant”, a 100-word piece posted on A Story in 100 Words

I didn’t think it would happen so soon, but another short, 100-word piece of mine is now readily readable on the infinities of the internet 😀 This one was posted on A Story in 100 Words, and it’s called His Plant.

Read my story here

Of course, just like last time, the moment it’s online and official I want to change things, but it’s too late for that 😛 I wasn’t expecting this one to be “published” – not because of the story itself, just because I had another story, Endgame, that got posted so recently, so it didn’t feel statistically possible to me to get another one out there so soon 😮 Then again,  I sent more stories out than usual, because social distancing will do that to you. Maybe, in my case, there’s one positive side to a global virus outbreak ^^’


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