Attempting Camp NaNoWriMo April 2021

It’s been a year of radio silence on my part, because it’s pretty much been a year of no writing. That’s 2020 for you 😫

No, thank goodness neither I nor my loved ones have caught the dreaded Covid-19, but I have been feeling under the weather for almost a year now, so that has not helped my writing. And then there the little detail that we are mostly stuck at home, and I have a lot of trouble writing at home.

That last bit hasn’t changed – I’m still staying home. But I have decided that enough is enough; I have a draft to rewrite from scratch 😤 So I’m announcing last minute that I will attempt Camp NaNo (before I can think better of it). Now that the internet is my witness, I can’t change my mind on a whim 🙃

Third draft of F&W: TW, here I come!

I should have properly outlined a changed plot beforehand… Oh well 😅

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