F & W trilogy

The Story

Let’s see, what can I tell you about F & W? It’s a project for a trilogy that falls within the  Young Adult Fantasy genre (possibly followed by a second series, FotP, but I’m not sure about that yet)

There is only one fantasy element in the story’s fictional world, but I won’t tell you what that fantasy element is, because that would be a bit of a spoiler; it’s something that affects (almost) everyone in that world, though.

The main character in F & W is a teenage girl, and her name starts with an A. Also with an L. Whatever that means 😛 There will be adventure, kind of. And lots of emotions going around, I guess. Some good, some bad, like in any story, really. And this project also revolves around the subjects of race and religion, though not as in real life – this is Fantasy, after all.

The three books’ provisional titles (or the initials of those titles 😉 ) are:




And that’s about all I will reveal about this for now. You’ll have to imagine the rest— no, wait, that’s my job 😀

Progress of F&W trilogy (as a whole)

  • Outlining       ooooooxxxx
  • First Draft      ooooxxxxxx
  • Second Draft xxxxxxxxxx